Our product: NETLINK Data Manager

NETLINK Data Manager is a compact overall solution for implementing and operating a flexible data platform for corporate steering. It combines three major functions in one integrated system: the steering logic is being maintained in the Meta Data Management, which then dynamically generates the Data Warehouse and the Web Frontend.


  • Consistent and traceable steering logic

  • Documentation of data fields and calculations is always up to date

  • Changes can be implemented easily

  • Automatic data processing, fast availability of results

  • flexible individual use of the common data basis (Managed Self-Service BI)

  • Secure data storage with user access control

  • Easy data entry and handling of the system

Web frontend:

The new web frontend is the perfect data warehouse add-on. It enables easy-to-use business applications for entering or enriching steering relevant data or for managing the steering process. The web frontend also allows to upload Excel packages and to open reports, dashboards or pages from other web sites (e.g. intranet). The web frontend works on PCs and mobile devices.

Technische platform:

NETLINK Data Manager is based on Microsoft BI platform and hence it is perfectly integrated in the windows world.

  • Data warehouse, meta data management and data exchange utilize MS SQL standard procedures only

  • User access control is linked to Windows Active Directory

  • Standard reports or dashboards are done with MS SQL Reporting Services or the existing reporting system

  • Ad-hoc analyses and reports in Excel with data supply on cell level from MS SQL Analysis Services cubes, no Excel plug-ins required

  • Flexible access to the data with various analysis tools

  • Data Manager web frontend is based on PHP and JavaScript

NETLINK Data Manager can be easily integrated in the existing IT landscape. One Windows server with Microsoft SQL (e.g. standard edition or BI edition) is sufficient in many cases.