• supports companies to develop and align their BI, IT and ERP environment

  • is expert for integrated data management and agile data warehouse solutions

  • provides NETLINK Data Manager, a self-developed software solution for the Microsoft BI platform

  • designs and implements flexible and compact steering systems for corporate companies and business divisions

  • combines BI knowhow and business knowhow in various business sectors (e.g. banking, telecom, industry)

  • provides one-stop data management services and software

Our Services:

  • Bring in expertise, analyze the as-is situation, propose and evaluate solution scenarios
    Conduct analysis workshops, in order to discuss and evaluate the current IT situation or specific topics in a structured way. The findings will be used to propose recommendations for action and solution scenarios.

  • Be Sparing partner for business and interface between business and IT
    Support business departments in the process of formulating business requirements for IT, translate the requirements into technical specifications, assure that the implementation will meet the requirements of the business.

  • Design the technical solution, architecture, data model
    Design the technical solution for the target scenario defined before, e.g. an enterprise information architecture with a data warehouse and an integrated data model, which maps the steering system of the company to data fields and IT systems.

  • Implement the solution, e.g. together with internal resources or external providers
    NETLINK develops applications with own resources or together with the internal IT department, or coordinates the implementation of a new system by an external partner.

  • Project Management, Quality Assurance, Management of BI Team
    Steering of the project team or assuring the quality of a project, temporary management of IT or BI team, e.g. for the phase after go-live.