Successfully implemented projects

NETLINK has a sound technical and business knowledge in different business sectors like banking, telecom and industry. Here is a selection of successful projects over the past years:


  • Consulting, project management and quality assurance

  • IT strategy development, business analysis, proposal of target scenario, business plan modelling

  • BI management, data governance, vendor management, subsidiary coordination in corporate groups


  • Group-wide sales reporting for industry group: data mart for analysis of inquiries, offers and or with plan/actual reporting on various levels (employee, department, subsidiary), cross selling

  • Banking pre-calculation for risk adjusted pricing: web-based tool for pre-calculation of bank and leasing product for client managers, with live calculation in the data warehouse.

Controlling and Finance:

  • Financial controlling cube: OLAP cubes based on Microsoft Analysis Services for financial planning and reporting, on single business level and aggregated (bank balance sheet, business sectors, profit centers, countries)

  • Monthly reporting of corporate group: replacement of manual excel packages of subsidiaries to holding by a DWH solution with data delivery interface and calculation of financial KPIs

  • Project reporting industry group: calculation of profit contribution scheme and KPIs of customer projects, comparison with sales pre-calculation

Risk Management:

  • Credit risk data mart with MS SQL: calculation of risk figures (e.g. expected and unexpected loss) on single business level, Risk cube (MS Analysis Services) and data preparation for simulations and analyses with SAS

  • replacement of Access tools for risk management by DWH solution¬†


  • Integrated DWH for banking group which provides controlling view (SAP SEM Banking Profit Analyzer) and risk view (statutory reporting and risk management) on single business level

  • calculation of KPIs for dashboard application of corporate group


  • Productivity reporting: group wide combination of time and project activity recording of employees, calculation of KPIs, development of reports

  • Project manager reporting: combination of data from different ERP system modules (e.g. activities, inventory management, procurement) and manually gathered information (e.g. forecast data) for reporting of actual project costs and plan/actual analysis

Inventory Management:

  • Stock turnover analysis: analysis of stock transactions with acquisition and sales prices for annual inventory valuation

Human Resources:

  • HR data mart: OLAP cube for group HR department: upload of excel packages with raw data from subsidiaries, calculation of group-wide HR figures and reports